Maldives Fishing

Maldives, the absolute fishing paradise of the world. Gigantic GT's, Snappers and Red Bass, you name it and it swims there. 
When people think about the Maldives, they often think it's priceless. Super-deluxe resorts with cabins on the sea with glass bottom in the bedroom above the reef. That when they wake up they can look at the most beautiful colored fish. That's for one-third true. Not all Maldives is priceless, you can also travel very well on the budget. Two-third of the islands are local islands. No Hilton or Sheraton can be found there.
It's called local islands, islands were people living and some hotels or guesthouses are located. A few restaurants, beach bars or a few shops with essential items that they sell and, in our case, a diving school and maybe a souvenir shop, can be found on local islands.
So you can easily stay on budget. Living is not very expensive, however, the excursions are expensive. 
But of course, you can always negotiate the price. Most excursions are done with boat. Gasoline for the boat is very cheap in the Maldives. So negotiating really pays off. 
Food is equivalent to dining in a restaurant in Europe. $ 15 for a breakfast and $ 25 for a main meal. These costs can be reduced by making smart choices. You'll find hotel owners are doing everything they can to keep you on their property. That you eat your breakfast en diner there and buy your excursions also there. Then the costs can get higher quickly. You can look further on the island and eat in a restaurant where prices are already a little lower. When you eat fried rice wtih fresh tuna (what taste very very nice) your saving money. When you eat toast with butter and jam in the morning you will save money. Catching your own diner ofcourse is best :)
Around the islands you can find reefs quickly. Snorkeling is an excellent pastime. From the beautiful and idilic white beaches you can swim up the reef. Fish that you didn't know existed in your wildest dreams will swim by before your goggles. Fish with complex patterns and colors on the flank are more regular than exception. I'll say it again. Fish that open your mouth and you wonder how it is possible that they look like this. Fish that fell directly from heaven in the ocean. Listen to the scraping of parrot fish eating off the coral and watch the octopus hide and blend into its surroundings. Don't be alarmed if a school of whitetip sharks goes by between you and the beach. They're more afraid of you than you are of them.


Outside the reef, you'll find the real thing. Schools of giant GT's, Bluefin Trevally, Whale sharks, Giant Manta rays and Reef Manta's and monster Rays. With any luck, you can spot them from the beach where you snorkeling, but you have to make some hours and get lucky. For the rest, you can meet more than 26 different types of sharks.

For meeting Whale sharks and Giant Manta rays you'll have to book an excursion. That can be pricy. We payed 150 dollar for 2 person for 2 hours. But you really don't want to miss this experience. It's a once in a lifetime oppertunity that you'll have to grab. We choose the Manta Ray excursion. Because the place were they swimm was close to the Island. After 10 minutes the captain spotted the first Manta. Quickly we put on goggles and flippers and dived into the sea as quiet as we could. What we saw then will remember for ever.

So we had to makes choices sinds we were traveling budget. So we skipped the Whale Sharks and did the Manta ray tour. I did a fishing tour also, later more