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The pleasant warmth. The soothing nature. The amazing people. 
The beautiful fish. The breathtaking landscapes. The delightfull smells. 
The secular stupas. The unreal sounds. 
The fantastic food. The friendly animals. The dense jungle. 
The white beaches. The medieval cities. The simpleness. 
The unco monks.
 Shall i pursue discribing Myanmar?  
The magical atmasphere. The intense spirituality. 
The retentive persistence. The permanent hope. The grave sadness. 
The violent trauma. The great hospitality. The humble cincerity. 
The hearthwarming kindness. The eternitie patience.
It's such a extremely versatile country with a very friendly population.
Everything you look at is amazingly beautiful, everything you touch feels like silk. 
Each person you talk to conquers a place is your heart. 
Every fish you catch will take your breath away. 
The feelings you'll get in your body while exploring this fasinating nation is intensly pleasant
A country as you've never seen before, a country that has kept his purity. 
A country where history is repeating itself. 
What can i say more?
This part of our world is incredibly pretty. 
Without any doubt, you will lose your heart to it when you go there. 
The pearl of South East Asia, Myanmar.
This hidden land which recently opend his doors is a must visit. Now you have the change to discover it's wonders. Often you get the feeling that you walk through a fairytale, sometimes you get the feeling you walk through the middle ages and many times you just don't know what to say. Myanmar will leave you confused but satisfied behind
The countless different faces of Myanmar will astonish you all the time.
Because there is little to be found about fishing in Myanmar i decided to share my experience for those who are interested. I wrote my fishing experience in the form of "a Guide to". It will reveal to you places you can fish, what bait you can use best, the do's and dont's, the different fish species and much more information. This way you can prepare your trip and it will make it easier for you and catch more fish this way. As we traveled with a small group, and because we wanted to see and experience as much as possible, i could not fish many times but the places i did fish, i described as good as possible for you. Have fun!
On a desktop PC, in  the top right menu you can find info about all areas and thereare submenu's with photo's and video's,  just click :)

Contents of the guide to fishing Myanmar:
A guide to Ngwe Saung Beach fishing 
- Snorkeling
- Full fishing day
- Materials
- Danger
-Lovers Island
- Beach fishing
- Shore fishing with a boat
- Things to do and tips
-  Map of Ngwe Saung Beach
A guide to Nyaungshwe fishing
- Map of Nyaungshwe
- Fishing from a restaurant
- Bait
- Fishing styles
- Fishing waters
- Tharzi pond
- To stay
- To eat
Things to do and tips
- Take the slowtrain to Yangon
- Yadana Man Aung Pagoda
- Nyaungshwe market
- Bike tour 
- Souvenirs
- The video's
A guide to Inle lake fishing
- Map of Inle lake
A guide to fish species of Myanmar
- On the markets
Enjoy this guide to fishing Myanmar. If you have questions, feel free to contact me!