Things to do and tips


Renting a motorbike is a beautiful thing 2 do. The feelings you’ll get in your body while driving on the beach, chasing the sunset is indescribable. At daytime you can make a tour for hours up north or down south. On the beach or on the road. You get out of the tourist area and have a sniff of local life. People are very friendly and the hospitality is big. But once again be aware, drive Buddhist style on your motorbike. Slow, easy and relaxed to avoid accidents that might end your holiday. Avoid driving in the water when driving on the shoreline. The motor will stop. Test the brakes before you rent the bike. The brakes can save your life. You must have at least one mirror.

Try to find a resort on the beach if you like rest and a sea view. If you’re arrive late, go to Luxer deLuxe hotel in the village. It’s basic but clean and “cheap”. Bargain for the price helps. The staff is very, very friendly. The next day you can search for a beach shack from there. We stayed at Pearl Ngwe Saung resort. Right at the beach you’ll find some very basic beach shacks. It’s not the most beautiful resort but the beach will make your heart melt. Negotiate about the price to get some reduction. You will know when the bottom price is reached.  

You can expect some noise in your room at night. Like for example geckos falling from the ceiling or mice examining the garbage bin. Keep food locked away. Fighting gecko’s makes funny noises. When they fall from the ceiling on the ground to escape you will scared up a bit. Did I mention the giant spiders in the bathroom? They are slow. Catch them with a glass and release them outside. When you have no water from you're shower or crane, just go to the reception. For some reason they close off the water.

Shwe Hin Tha Hotel has beach shacks at a reasonable price as well and is popular amongst backpackers. It’s often fully booked so make a reservation in advance.

Please note that in the whole area, electric power is only available between 6PM and 6AM. Charge your batteries wisely.  Internet is slow

The tours usually includes a pickup service. If not, arrange a taxi or tuktuk the night before. You’ll leave early in the morning. The people of Myanmar   are very punctual.



You can leave your wife on the beach with confidence. Myanmar is very save for traveling women. 

First problem solved ;)

You can also ask her to come with you for a incredible adventure, that's more nice

You pay for all broken or lost fishing materials, be careful. It’s not clear, if someone else breaks something, you’ll have to pay for it as well

I saw a price tag on the Rapala lure box (x-rap magnum divebait): 28.000 kyats (20 euro’s). Keep that in mind if you lost one and have to pay for it

Bargain for prices is always a good idea but never overdo it

Plan a backup day. They won't go out when the sea is ruff

There are many fishing possibility’s: night, day, deep sea, shore. Think what you like and just ask . Shore fishing you can do by yourself

- If you have no experience, let the men catch the big fish, at least the first one, so you can watch and learn

Let the men lift the fish from the water and get out of the way

Before you go, ask if they have a pick hook on board to lift the fish aboard. Especially on the snorkelling trip. This can save you a fantastic diner and reduce accidents to a minimum.

Do not lift, or let the skippers lift the fish from the water on braided line by bare hands. Use a pick hook 

Take materials from home (heavy travel rod, reel(s), lures, braided line, hooks (reef=small), heavy metal leaders). Hooks are terrible over there. Give the skippers some western materials after the tour. They’ll be very happy

Use braided line to catch more on the reef and while trolling

If you want more trolling, you pay more money. Custom is 4 hours trolling, 3 hours anchor.

If there is no action when trolling the deep sea for a few hours, do not pay for extra trolling. The fish just won't bite that day. Have fun with reef fishing

Take surface lures, poppers or squid lures from home. This can make a big difference

-Take a hat and sunglases, the sun will melt your head.

When you see hunting groups of fish, ask the skipper to slow down the boat or stop. Use floating lures and throw them in the middle of the hunting party. Get ready for some action!

Take deep diving lures in different colours, when blue doesn’t work, use another colour

Take some fresh prawns with you for reef fishing. The reef fish like them. The skipper takes some squid on the boat

Bring dry cooked rice to throw in the water. It attracts big reef fish on your spot

Bring your catch to a local restaurant you prefer. For a small price they’ll clean and filet the fish and prepare it as you wish. BBQ style barracuda is a recommendation, that's like eating in heaven. Count the pieces wich you want to save for the day after, because the restaurant staff loves the fish like it's's like binding sardines on a cat.

Share your caught fish with the skippers and your companion. Take only big fish which you can consume in 1 or 2 days with you. You might be able to store some fish in a freezer in a restaurant for later. A BBQ on the beach with some fireworks after will make a perfect evening complete

When you come ashore you have to make sure that the fish you want to keep, stays intact. Keep an eye on your chosen fish at all times. My skippers did cut the Jack's head of and a big slice of fish meat. Ask them to keep the fish you want intact and point out the fish they can take a piece of

It's hard to take those beautiful reef fish. If you don't keep them, they will keep them. Throw back fish in the ocean is not an option. The people are poor. It's food. The fish taste like they look, very beautiful and keep in mind that these waters are well balanced 

When you come back you have the obligation to buy a big bottle of beer for each skipper :)

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